CYBER NINJA 2082 (limited hardcover edition)


Image of CYBER NINJA 2082 (limited hardcover edition)

LIMITED EDITION (Only 100 copies)

-Signed & numbered
-172 heavy glossy pages
-Full color
-Product Dimensions: 8.27 x 11.69 inches
-Language: english

Also included are:
-one japanese-style obi / huge double-sided poster
-one signed art-print

Inspired by classic japanese 8-bit and 16-bit era games like "Ninja Gaiden", "Shinobi", "Hagane", "Ninja Warriors again" and 80s/90s cyberpunk anime we wanted to create a tribute to those awesome cyborg ninjas by assembling a bunch of hot new artists to create some unique cyber ninja tales.

Ten artists contributed ten completely different comics: dark and violent action-packed dystopian cyberpunk tales, colorful retro madness, beautiful mindtrips, but also cute little toy ninjas and shinobi sausages!

The contributing artists are:
-Josi Kreischer
-Elena Parras
-Sandra Kuhn
-Robert Rennwanz & Brick
-Andreas Butzbach
-Ralph Niese
-Eman Andu
-Steve Sluzalek
-Thomas Sluzalek